Saturday, February 18, 2012

Try It: Washi Tape Flags

The latest Scrap Challenge on our facebook page is a competition featuring the new trends of flags, bunting and banners on a scrapping layout. (Check out our facebook page if you already haven't, and you might be able to win an embellishment goodie bag!)

I thought it would be fun to share a cute little and very simple technique to make your own flag embellishments out of washi tape (another hot trend this year!)

So, bear with me as I take you through this easy but fun tutorial! Its my first one, so hopefully the photos are up to scratch! (Although I love taking photos, I am by no means a professional photographer!)


To make your flags you need 3 things:

Any old toothpicks will do. They won't be acid free, so if this is a concern for you, I suggest sealing them with a spray sealer or similar. You could also avoid having them touch your photos when using them on a page.

First, if you have toothpicks that are pointy on both ends, you will need to snip one end off. This will just make the stick more uniform, and the washi tape will grip better.

If you have flat top toothpicks, you can go straight to the next step!

Peel a length of your washi tape off the roll, twice as long as you wish your flag to be and place your toothpick in the centre.

Fold the washi tape over the toothpick. Make sure you line it up or the adhesive will show on one edge.

Then cut it off and you have your flag! Easy!

You can cut your flag into different shapes to vary their design or use a marker to embellish them. So many different possibilities!


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  1., love, love. Such a cute, but simple idea!