Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crafternoons and Marathons

The Easter Long Weekend was the perfect opportunity to get in lots of quality scrapping time. 

Over at Dizzy Izzy we spent the Saturday with a lovely group of dedicated scrappers who came along to our April Crafternoon. The shop was filled with lovely new goodies from Pink Paislee, Heidi Swapp and Flutterby Designs, and we had yummy soup for lunch, made by Fleur.

We were even lucky enough for the Easter Bunny to take time out of his busy chocolate egg laying schedule (I assume that's what happens??) to visit and hand out some presents.

Congratulations to Deb for winning the Recipe Scrap Challenge!

If you missed us this time, we have one more event between now and the May Retreat (which is only 36 days away!!! Yikes!!!). You will find us at the Scrap Marathon at Rockdale Salvos on Friday 2nd May (7pm till late) and again on Saturday 3rd May (10am-9pm). 

Saturday 3rd may is also International Scrapbooking Day, so expect lots of games, prizes and fun scrapping challenges - we will also have a few challenges to share on our facebook group to get you motivated! You can also follow along with the world wide events on social media by searching for the hashtag #NSD10k or #DizzyIzzyNSD - and share a few pics of your own if you can't make it to the event!

The Dizzy Izzy Shop will be open for the whole event, so stop by to have a browse or join in the fun! 

Tracey xx

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hi everyone, I'm stopping by again with another layout inspired by Heidi Swapp Products.

For this layout I have used Heidi's serendipity line along with a little bit of colour pop.

This was a quick and easy layout with just a few embellishments and some masking techniques to add a bit of detail.

I have added some Pink Paislee Hearts to this design and used Colour Shine mist to reveal the resist pattern.

Just love these cute bits of ephemera.

All of our Heidi Swapp Products are currently 20% off in the webstore when you use discount code HS20.

Fleur x

Sunday, April 6, 2014

* SPARKLE * FABULOUS * - Heidi Swapp Fun

Hi everyone,

Thought I would stop by and share a little bit of fun I have been having with some Heidi Swapp products.

I created this layout from photos taken in a photobooth at Jodie's 30th birthday party. They were such a great memento and I loved being able to use so many on my layout.

The Heidi Swapp products are fun and vibrant and were the perfect match for these photos. I used papers from both her Colour Pop and Serendipity lines.

I used the Heidi Swapp buzzwords for my title- they are so easy to add to any layout or project life page and come in a variety of styles.

The buzzwords are self-adhesive stickers and come with words and detailed embellishments such as this arrow and the leopard print heart.  I added sewing thread for some extra texture. To adhere the thread I tucked one end under my flair then ran a bit of glue along it using my finger.

I also used some of the Heidi Swapp Jumbo Pennants. I've been wanting to play with these for a while and they were a lot of fun to play with. The banners are white to begin with, then using your inks, sprays or mists you can colour them to suit your project. The pattern on the banner resists the spray so they still have the same detail as the original white banner.  I used Heidi's Primrose Colourshine Mist and Squeezed Orange Dylusions on my banners. I also used these sprays to create the splatter effect as seen above.  As the banners were a bit longer than I needed I cut the tops off to use on other projects.

 I think Heidi could coin a second catchphrase "Make Cute stuff!"

All Heidi Swapp products are currently 20% of in the webstore until Sunday 13th April.

Fleur xx

Friday, April 4, 2014

Meet & Greet with Becky Higgins

The original version of this post first appeared on Tracey's personal blog Live.Breathe.Dream.Be.

Last Tuesday I skipped work and headed off to Lidcombe Spotlight to meet a scrapping idol of mine, Becky Higgins. This is certainly not my usual Tuesday morning, but was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

You may be familiar with Becky through her industry-revolutionising scrapping system Project Life. I'm only new to Project Life and pocket scrapping this year, but I've been a fan of Becky's for over 10 years.

When I first started scrapping, the goto source of inspiration was definitely Creating Keepsakes Magazine (which is sadly no longer published). I can remember spending hours pouring over the submitted layouts, copying the ones I liked, and wondering why I couldn't get my scrapping to look as 'finished' as the published layouts.

Remember, this is way before blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. It was way harder to find great sources of scrap inspiration than it is today. I was also the only one I knew who scrapbooked - it was before I found my lovely scrapping community.

Then I discovered Becky's sketches. Each month she would have an article in CK featuring one of her sketches, and different interpretations of the sketch.


It was like a light bulb seeing those sketch designs! They guided me through my first steps into page design, and pretty soon I was doing my own rough little sketches in my sketch book. As Becky said, 'that was what worked for you at the time!'

Of course, now I've come full circle and get to see my sketches come to life at the Dizzy Izzy Crafternoons & Retreats. It's always such a thrill to see how others interpret something I've created!

I took along my copies of Becky's Sketches books for her to sign. These books were like my scrapping bibles, and are now quite well used/loved. It was so exciting to sit next to Becky, and chat with her about my scrapping journey, and about Dizzy Izzy Scrapbooking.  Becky was gracious enough to answer all of our questions, and then she got stuck into signing goodies like journal cards and core kits.

The first of many days of signing for Becky on this trip
I had seen her on Creative Live, and I'm familiar with her mantra of 'Cultivate A Good Life & Record It', but I was pretty blown away. With Becky, what you see is what you get. One question I asked, as a scrapping entrepreneur myself, was how many hours a day does she work on the business. She spoke about when they first started the business, and the kids were smaller, that they would put them to bed, and she & David would be working until 3am. Every Night.  Now, she said, she has a bigger network and support team, but she still feels like she puts in hours & hours. Every Day.  As a scrapper, and as a woman, I completely admire Becky for both her business sense and also her work/life balance. It's something that I hope to work on and I definitely aim to be more like Becky.

I took along one of our Dizzy Izzy promotional milk cartons to give to Becky - she thought it was adorable! And because I gave her a little gift, I was given a gift in return - a signed Cut & Paste Mini Kit! So generous!  One lucky scrapper will win this treat at our May Retreat - will it be you??

Here is to Cultivating a Good Life, and Recording It.

Tracey xox

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Preserve The Memories: Organisation

 Next in our series from guest blogger Kristen Cairns we learn about the importance of organisation when starting a project as huge as #ProjectPreservetheMemories. Read on....

Welcome back to my family memory keeping journey. I hope you are becoming inspired to get stuck into preserving those precious photos and memories – both old and new!

So far on our journey we have smiled as we are presented with copious amounts of family photos in varying states of storage and repair! We have then dedicated a few (or more) hours of time to removing these photos from their unsafe previous homes… and now what?
Well, this is the point at which it is easy to become overwhelmed. Where do I start? What on earth was I thinking? And (my own favourite) Who on earth put these photos in here and what sort of order is this?!?!

Which brings us to Step 3 – Sort Your Photos

I'm going to be completely honest – this CAN be time consuming, but the cost benefit is great! As in - the benefit of doing this properly at the beginning will reveal itself once you get into the ‘creating’ stage. Things will become quicker and easier! I promise ;)
There is no right or wrong way of doing this – whether chronologically (if you’re lucky enough to have dates recorded), or by people, families, groups, events, eras… Whatever you feel will make it easiest to record the stories and memories.

The photos you have received will often be mixed up in multiple albums/ boxes/ packets, and even multiple albums (belonging to different people) of similar photos. This ‘sorting’ step will make the scrapping process quicker while also lessening the chance of finding ‘extra’ photos later on after those pages have been completed! (Although the ProjectLife© system does allow for this – more on that later).

Sort your photos out – commandeer the dining table for a weekend if needs be – and give yourself plenty of space to create ‘piles’. Make a note of any of the information or labels from the albums, onto post-it-notes, and stick these with the photos, along with any other memorabilia. Don’t forget to check the back of photos for handwritten notes. When sorting, make a separate pile for photos that you have ‘no idea’ about, to come back to later on. You’ll be surprised at how you might recognise a background, an outfit or a group later on, and be able to reconnect some of these ‘lost’ photos. And if you can’t – maybe someone else can. If not, they are still a lovely inclusion, showing people, places, fashion trends and a general glimpse into the life and times of the day.

Step 4 – Gather the Memories

I hesitate to call this ‘Step 4’, because truthfully this is something that will continue throughout the entirety of the project. But now is as good a time as ever to begin!

Once the photos are sorted (or even as you are working through this), begin to collate the stories around the photos. Do you have other items – birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, newspaper clippings, receipts, lists, handwritten notes? Bundle these up with photos of the event/people concerned.

Make the most of any remaining older relatives – you may be surprised at what they remember and how happy they are to share their stories, recollections and insights. Making this a group effort certainly adds something to the journey ;) Using a voice recorder to talk through the photos creates an additional priceless memento! Number your photos if doing this, so you know which story belongs to which photo.

Step 5 – Scan & Store

Because these precious photos can’t be replaced, it’s important to scan them for sharing as well as security. Scan your photos at the highest possible resolution (at least 300 DPI or more), to allow for good quality reprinting. If you don’t have access to a scanner, a friend may have one you can borrow. Alternatively some stores will allow you to use their scanners (eg Officeworks) and save the files on a CD. Your local historical society may even have equipment that you can access to do this – along with some good advice and friendly assistance with the process, from people who value this type of pursuit!

When scanning, try to name the photos as you go. You might even like to sort the digital photos into ‘folders’ matching the way you have sorted the actual photos, to make them easier to find later on. Then give a copy of the scanned photos on disc to other family members and keep a couple of backups yourself, in different places “just in case”.

Some of your photos may well be in need of repair and editing, before being reprinted. This is the perfect time to call in a favour and let someone ELSE in the family contribute to the project ;) If you have a few clever family or friends, you could share the packets around, and if not there are also commercial services who specialise in this type of work.

Once you have scanned them, store the sorted photos in a way that makes them easy to see and use. Index card boxes, a folder or envelopes would work, but I have chosen to use ProjectLife© pocket pages in which to store my ‘piles’. 

There is a wide range of these available from Dizzy Izzy! And the beauty of doing this is that I can store all of my sorted photos in the same album binder along with the pages I have completed. This has also helped me work out what size album will work best and what configuration of pages will suit my photos.