Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What to do with all those scraps?

Its true ….. I have another paper-crafting obsession..... gift-tags. If your anything like me you probably have a box, tub, drawer or similar full of left over bits of paper that you have kept with the intent of one day using – you know those ones, where you just love the paper so much you can't bear to see a single cm end up as waste, and - if your like me some of these papers off-cuts may have been around for years. You may call me a scrap-hoarder, but now I know the reason I've been keeping all those off-cuts. 

It's not like I haven't seen cute gift tags before, but the penny had never dropped to use my scraps to make these little goodies. Blog surfing one night I came across these gorgeous tags made by Prima’s Cari Fennell – you can see her versions here, and hey presto I was on my way as a tag-maker. They are so easy to make, you can have a complete tag in under ten minutes and using your off-cuts you have no outlay.

So here’s how I make mine

Step 1 – I have a template, this one was a clothing label recycled by my mum and then by me, but you can easily print off a template online. I trace this onto an off-cut of cardstock and a piece of patterned paper or additional bit of cardstock and cut out using my craft knife.

Step 2 – I attach this to the piece of patterned paper/cardstock so its extra sturdy then cut around the shape of the tag.

Step 3 – I cut a half piece of patterned paper using the tag as a guide.

Step 4 - I tie a bit of ribbon to this half piece and then attach to the bottom of the tag and I ink all around the edges (my preference is the versamark pine cone ink.)

Step 4 – Usually I would add an embellishment but the patterned paper spoke for itself this time, I punch a hole in the top of the tag and then add some twine to finish it off.

With my finished tags I have been bundling them up and using them as gifts. A handmade gift made with love that doesn't cost the earth J

Fleur x