Friday, October 11, 2013

Scrapping On the Go

As soon as I saw the Amy Tangerine Travel Kit, I knew I would LOVE it.

I just needed to wait for the perfect opportunity to try it out. When my hubby dragged me along to a gaming convention called PAX in Melbourne with our friends, I knew my time had come!

Amy Tangerine Travel Kit Contents

  The Travel Kit comes complete with tools & fun things like rounded scissors, 2 types of adhesive (glue stick & runner), a self inking date stamp, needle & thread, label stickers, and a mini stapler! And it comes with a durable bag to store it in! Pretty much all you need to scrap on the go.

I knew we would be picking up lots of 'swag' (ie freebies), plus advertising, business cards, and who knows what else, so I decided to use a mini album to note down journalling, store any memorabilia we wanted to keep, and later be able to add a few photos to complete it.

My supplies - trying to be prepared for any crafty situation
I chose an Amy Tangerine Day Book from my stash, and decided to add some other supplies like alpha stickers, some stamps, a 6x6 paper pack, tags and of course some washi tape (which came in handy - see below) to add to my travel kit. Everything here except the day book fitted neatly into the bag, which took up hardly any room in the suitcase.

PAX was pretty crowded, but there was certainly lots of opportunities to collect swag and create memories. It was fun following Matt around, picking up fliers and freebies relating to the games we tried out. The stands that gave away flair badges were particularly popular, though I doubt others were grabbing them because 'flairs are so hot right now'.

On the last day of the convention, while Matt and our friends played some board games, I started to create my album. It was fun scrapping in an unusual environment. Very different to being at home or at a Crafternoon. I was glad I prepared by bringing some papers and extra items, and it pushed me to create differently, but I can recommend it especially if you are away on family holidays or travelling and want to get a little bit crafty.
Multitasking - Scrapping & playing Alhambra

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one scrapbooking!

Oh, and the washi tape? Came in handy when someone tried to steal our number plate and we needed a quick fix to keep it attached until we could get it repaired.

Is there nothing this awesome product can't handle?
Happy Scrapping!

Tracey* xox