Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Crafternoon

Last Saturday was a great day to be inside and scrapping - wet and dreary - no sports or outdoor activities to distract and no jobs like washing getting in the way. Then it absolutely poured, and boy were we glad to be inside!

We braved the rain and headed to our lovely little hall at Caringbah to set up shop and scrap for  about 12 hours accompanied by some lovely scrappers.  Fleur and I even got be a little crafty!

Each scrapper received a lovely little Valentine, filled with lollies and hand made embellies. Aren't they just cute?

 Recent renovations to the hall meant that Fleur, Matt and I had to do a quick rethink as to how to set up the room and the shop, but I think it came up nicely. Do you agree?

Elaine checks out the cardstock tubs

Our sale racks for paper were full!

Of course, we had a few competitions, congratulations to Rachel and Belinda for being this months winners - as usual everyone does such lovely work its always hard to vote for just one!
Rachel won the Sketch comp!

Belinda won our Emboss or Stamp Competition!
I hope you will be joining us in March for the next Crafternoon. Email us or check our facebook page for more info!

Tracey* xo

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I got published!

I am very excited and humbled that one of my beyond the page projects was selected for publication in this months edition of Scrapbooking Memories Magazine (Vol 15 #6).

The magazine only showed a few of the pages from my mini album and funnily enough Seanne (my best friend and subject matter for this project) and I both agree that they had the worst photo selection from the entire album. So I thought I would share some of the other pages with you.

I hid my journalling in this album so somewhere (somehow) on each page I have managed to disguise some special memories from 30 years of friendship.

Its been a little while waiting for this project to be published, however now that it is I am inspired to start submitting more of my work. If you ever want to submit your work to the magazine you just need to forward a photo in a jpeg format to or you can post in originals (at your own risk). Generally the magazine seems to be on the hunt for engaging cover layouts (5"x7" photos) and beyond the page projects, however each month they do a call out for themed projects this month the themes are 'encore' (that means anything), 'digital', 'winter', 'sports & hobbies' and simple and stylish. Be sure to note the submission theme in the subject line of your email.

Another sweetener is that if your work gets published they will pay you a small amount - which means - more scrapping supplies! 

Happy scrapping all

Fleur x

Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Crafternoon

Things have been a little quiet from us lately.

We are hard at work on some secret projects and can't wait till they are ready to announce.

In the meantime, are you joining us at our Crafternoon in Caringbah this Saturday? Fleur and I would love to craft with you. If you are interested, send us an email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Happy Scrapping,

Tracey xxoo

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Upcycling with Washi Tape

Recently my mother in law gave me some of her older Tupperware pieces. You know the ones - the large, white bowls with the white lids. From back in the days before Tupperware embraced colours. 

I haven't decided what I will do with the other pieces, but as soon as I saw this one I immediately thought:

Tupperfriends out there - what did this start its life as?


So I got out my washi tape and went to town, upcycling it to fit the decor of my (newly reorganised) scrap desk.
Which to choose? Which to choose?

Here's a few tips on how I did it.

Because the base was wider than my tape, i used a pattern that would blend when using a top and bottom layer. 

To get into the corners and other angles, I tore the tape or used small pieces that would get covered by the larger strips.

Rolling the washi tape over the lip ensures you cover it all
and gives it a neater finish
For the handle I layered long strips down the main part, and then wound pieces around the shaped handle. The washi tape was really forgiving so if I missed a spot I could just peel it back up have another go (or stick another piece over the top to cover my mistake) and with the cups back in the holder, noone will be looking to closely at the base (hopefully)

For the cups I kept it pretty simple and just put the tape along the top, folding it over as I went.

And there you have it - my upcycled pencil holder! 

VoilĂ !!! Totes cute!

I must say, it was fun and easy and I recommend using your washi tape hoard to change the look of your desk. I know there's a few of you out there with enough washi to wall paper a room! (Kate? Kristen? Anyone else?) If you do use washi to upcycle something, send us a photo and we will add it to the blog. 

Tracey's new pencil holder in action

Happy crafting, 

Tracey xox