Saturday, February 2, 2013

Upcycling with Washi Tape

Recently my mother in law gave me some of her older Tupperware pieces. You know the ones - the large, white bowls with the white lids. From back in the days before Tupperware embraced colours. 

I haven't decided what I will do with the other pieces, but as soon as I saw this one I immediately thought:

Tupperfriends out there - what did this start its life as?


So I got out my washi tape and went to town, upcycling it to fit the decor of my (newly reorganised) scrap desk.
Which to choose? Which to choose?

Here's a few tips on how I did it.

Because the base was wider than my tape, i used a pattern that would blend when using a top and bottom layer. 

To get into the corners and other angles, I tore the tape or used small pieces that would get covered by the larger strips.

Rolling the washi tape over the lip ensures you cover it all
and gives it a neater finish
For the handle I layered long strips down the main part, and then wound pieces around the shaped handle. The washi tape was really forgiving so if I missed a spot I could just peel it back up have another go (or stick another piece over the top to cover my mistake) and with the cups back in the holder, noone will be looking to closely at the base (hopefully)

For the cups I kept it pretty simple and just put the tape along the top, folding it over as I went.

And there you have it - my upcycled pencil holder! 

VoilĂ !!! Totes cute!

I must say, it was fun and easy and I recommend using your washi tape hoard to change the look of your desk. I know there's a few of you out there with enough washi to wall paper a room! (Kate? Kristen? Anyone else?) If you do use washi to upcycle something, send us a photo and we will add it to the blog. 

Tracey's new pencil holder in action

Happy crafting, 

Tracey xox


  1. So cool! You see the washi tape brochures and think "really"?? But this looks really cute, you have done an awesome job Tracey :)
    Certainly brightens it up that's for sure!

  2. very clever and they look good too