Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Garden Party

On Australia day we not only celebrate how awesome this country is but also my Bestie’s birthday. This year was a significant birthday, so rather than the typical hottest 100 party or cricket on the beach she went all out and had a beautiful garden party. I wanted to share with you some photos I took and some great ideas which I found inspiring.

Just after the starting line -
the Wheelbarrow Race
Who says games are for kid’s parties? Seanne organised some relay events including wheelbarrow races and apple bobbing. It was so much fun and created a great atmosphere at the beginning of the day as people were mixed into different teams and interacting. Even the parentals got involved. Later in the night she pulled out giant jenga. Sea and her partner Brett had written silly dares on each of the bricks which again added to the atmosphere. The dare’s weren’t too confronting which was nice, rather things like – ‘do your best model walk’, ‘play air guitar’ and ‘make a toast to the birthday girl’.

I loved how Sea set up the table, mismatched crockery that came from a friend’s wedding, beautiful pink and white roses that she got from a florist friend who went to the Sydney Flower markets (these are such a cheap option and apparently anyone can go to these markets, you just have to be out of bed early). The white tablecloths, set against the lush green backdrop. It was just visually stunning.

The Table - Hubby took this great photo!

The Hanging Pom Pom's

Tissue paper poms – another of my friends is getting married in March and want’s to incorporate them into her day. After her initial thoughts of purchasing them I found this great tutorial on a you-tube video  for Martha Stewart Pom’s Sea and her sister did the test run – rather than costing $30 a pom the cost was a couple of dollars. Sea’s pom’s turned out so well, and they were a great feature on the day.

Chalkboard message by Jazzy

Chalkboard messages, this is an idea I found online– I had a spare chalkboard at home leftover from scrapping projects and gave it to Sea for the day. During the day I popped around and got people to write sneaky messages on the board and took photos. Seanne didn’t see them at the time, so it was great to give these photo’s as a little memento gift afterwards.

While the washing up may of seemed daunting, I was so impressed that they had organised a scrap bin (for the chooks) and general garbage bin – then separated the crockery and cutlery into plastic tubs filled with soapy water. A group of our mums all got into the kitchen later in the night and finished the dishes – I love this sense of community they have, even when they are just pitching in to get things done, they are gossiping and having a great time.

Singing and dancing :-)

This was such a beautiful day topped off by an amazing African singer, who had us all up and dancing, with instruments. Our night ended sitting around glasses full and enjoying being in the great outdoors.

Thanks Sea, Brett & Co for putting on such an amazing day!!!!

Fleur x

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