Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adventures in SE Asia Travel Album Pt 3: Thailand

So here is my final installment in this series of my travel adventures in SE Asia. What a great trip! I can't wait for the next one. Hubby and I are thinking Vietnam in October as he hasn't had a chance to visit and there is so much more to explore!

Ticket stubbs also make great embellishments -
a lot of them will have information, the date and of
course the correct spelling of the places you have visited.

Did I say I love the WRMK page protectors! - lol.
I used the Amy Tan roller date stamp on a lot of  my pages
- it made for very simple journalling. I have also found
the Amy Tan love-struck stamps (flower & camera) to be
super versatile.
For a lot of the embellishments I cut elements from
the paper lines then added a
bit of mounting tape to the back. 

Fleur x

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