Friday, December 14, 2012

Scrap Your Stash - Tracey's Pages

A while back I wanted to try to de-clutter my life, so I set myself a challenge to scrap and craft more and to use more of my stash. We had a little sketch competition here on the blog to try to help you all out there to clear your stash too!

I wanted to show you a couple of the pages (and a card!) that I created based on the sketch from the comp - hopefully you will be inspired to get more done! Leave me a comment below to tell me what you have been up to lately or what you think of the pages.

Because I was limited in what I could use (I told myself to use open packs, off cuts and scraps) I found that my pages came together quicker. NO hours of agonising if this was the right tone, or wondering if I used a different pattern would the page seem less busy. And because I had my design already done, all I had to do was work out if I was using the sketch straight up, or flipping it in some way! Easy! This also meant that I played with things I haven't used in a while, like rub-ons, letter stickers, and stamps.

The first page was a bit of a tribute to my dog Wendal, who passed away earlier this year.

Next is a page for my American Holiday album. If you've scrapped with me any time over the past few years, you will know I've been working on this album for a LOOOOOONG time, so anything to help get the pages done quicker is awesome!  I wanted this page to be all black and white, but the photos had a creamy-yellow tone so I pulled in some other neutrals to make it work. Even thought the photos are blurry and not the best, they are the only ones I have so they are still making it to the album.  I try not to limit myself to only scrapping perfect photos - I'm not a perfect photographer so I would have nothing to scrap if I did! If it captures the moment and the emotion of the event I use it no matter what. 

I'm really not a card maker, probably because I'm not much of a card user. I'm pretty famous for forgetting cards at weddings and forgetting to send cards for birthdays. On the odd occasion that I do want to make a card, I find myself in a panic, 4 minutes before we leave the house, scrambling through some papers to try to put something together that fits the occasion.  So I'm trying to get a few cards made in advance that I can have in my card box, that simply need perhaps a stamp or sticker to make them suit the need. 

Happy Scrapping!

Tracey xox 

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  1. Hi Tracey, great to see your latest work ... original and quirky at its best :) Just want to wish you girls a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year and 2013 ... thanks for all the great times during the year, you hard work is very much appreciated. Will see you in March :) xx