Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's been a while between posts for me!

It has been a couple of months or so (well more the so) since I last put type on blogger. A chaotic couple of months (or so) it has been. I transferred with my other job ( the bill-paying one) to Canberra for a couple of months and with the thought that I would have at least a spare 3 hours a day avoiding my usual commute I created a very long list of good intentions. The 20 or so blog posts I was going to write was right up there…. but for some reason Canberra wasn’t quite the time-rich experience I thought it was going to be … all those free hours were filled up with the bill-paying job. Stumbling back to my hotel room after long work days bleary eyed and headachy from staring at a computer screen all I had on my mind was food and sleep.
I drove almost 2000km’s in those 8 weeks - back and forth along the Federal Highway, remembering everything I had forgotten to pack and everything I had forgotten to do. Each time my well-loved Astra would lug a boot-full of scrapping supplies, bags of food (mainly chocolate and tea), half my wardrobe (especially the warm bulky stuff for the -6 degree mornings) and countless bits and pieces of reading material. On each trip I would lug up and down the 21 stairs at our house with the things I was returning and picking up.  I returned at the end of those 8 weeks to realise that rather than returning my possessions to their rightful homes I had created a dump of sorts in my scrap room and hubby had followed my lead. My beloved scrap room had been transformed into a nightmare!
The nightmare

I’ve been back for three weeks or so now and in that time everything except the nightmare got a makeover….. you should see my pantry, clean as a whistle washing machine and re-organised wardrobe (J ahhhh sweet smiling face at the thought of my pantry) . Yes I cleaned and re-organised just about everything except for the nightmare!

Loving tupperware's modular containers

So with a determined attitude and hubby engrossed in his computer -I finally confronted the messy demons in my scrap space on Saturday night (my social schedule is blistering at the moment ) – I’ve  turned the nightmare back into my happy place (albeit a serious lack of storage solutions) and somehow I think I’ve stumbled back across my scrapping mojo…. Let the creativity begin!

A big improvement - considering our serious shortage of storage solutions and
mismatched furniture it is a work in progress. Now I can actually get to my desk
without tripping over, my scrap supplies are close by and that overwhelmed feeling is passing!

I’m back on the train too and actually relishing the opportunity and the headspace to put type into blogger! Let’s see how long I can keep up my enthusiasm about my daily commute – hopefully for at least another 19 posts!

My attempts after the big tidy to find my scrapping mojo!
Fleur x

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