Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We got to meet Tim Holtz!!!!

Two Saturday’s ago the Dizzy Izzy girls set out for Sydney’s Quilt and Craft Show to seek out the amazingly talented Tim Holtz. We felt like groupies as we watched Tim showcasing his talents at the ‘Stamp-It’ stand and demonstrating several of the Tim Holtz branded Ranger products.

The hands of "The Scrap King!"

We have known for a while that he is the King of Scrapbooking  - we are continually awed by his amazing application of new and innovative techniques along with product development. He is the Man, who has designed blending markers that you can use without cross contaminating your colours. 

Demonstrating a very important technique!

We have even more praise for Tim who showed on the day that he was also a true gentleman who always  had a bright smile for “just one more photo op” or the signing of another autograph. If he got frustrated with being asked the same question over..... and over he never showed it.

Trace with "The King"

Of course, this overwhelming moment of meeting Tim and being caught up with all the amazing product and techniques etc did no favours to my bank balance – but we won’t tell Rob that J

In true Dizzy Izzy style I brought my camera along with me to the show, however managed to leave my SD memory card in my laptop and only realised when I was on the train. Thankfully Tracey came to the rescue so we can share some of our Tim moments with you!

I look like an excited school-girl - such a goofy pic of me!

If you want to check out the Tim Holtz blog then head to http://timholtz.com/   Tim Holtz in combination with Ranger (one of the company’s he design’s for) have spent a lot of time providing Ranger certification to people who wish to become educators in Ranger products.  I’ve been following for the last few weeks May Flaum’s Camp Scrap blog where she shares technique and inspiration daily. I was really impressed with her Tim Holtz adirondack ink tags – you can check out a video on how to make them here http://mayflaum.com/2012/06/14/tag-textured-foil-background/

So what more from the show? We learnt that Washi Tape is the ‘on trend’ item of this scrapping season,   Tiny Twine is also a hot product (its finer than regular twine) and kraft. Thankfully we do have a trendsetter on this team, and Trace had already picked up on all three trends last season!

Another highlight from the show is marvelling at the incredible creations, I really appreciate the time and effort and patience that have gone into the quilts. Many of which have had years of work – check out the winning entry and incredible attention to detail in this masterpiece.

This quilt is AMAZING!
I dragged my mum along as well (or wait, did she partially drag me?) - she was most impressed by the  knitted tea cosies..... of course we had to get the book showcasing the display with ready to go instructions and now I’ve challenged mum to make me a “Beatrice’s hat” tea-cosie.

Mum getting her tea-cosie book autographed!

Now..... a year’s wait until the next one J

Fleur x

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