Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Lost Blog Post

Early in March, accompanied by Dizzy Izzy scrappers Michelle & Jodie, I went out to the Craft & Sewing Show at Rosehill Racecourse.
I came home exhausted, my head full of inspiration and my hands full of bargains.

I had taken fun photos and had planned on doing a really fun blog post for everyone to read our adventures.

But something went wrong and the blog post never happened... This blogging thing is still something I'm getting used to!

So here you go: Check out our adventure at the show below. And don't forget to leave a comment! Tell us about the shows you have been to - maybe Dizzy Izzy will head there next!


It's no secret.


The night before I am heading out to a craft fair, I usually can't sleep. The next day holds so many possibilities. What am I going to see? What bargains will I buy? Which scrapping friends will I bump into? What will I be inspired by?  I wake up early and I usually bounce around the house and drive my husband crazy.

Yesterday I headed out to Rosehill Racecourse to the Craft & Sewing show. I was armed with my camera, an empty shopping bag and accompanied by Michelle & Jodie, two of my lovely scrapping friends.

This was my first time out to Rosehill (yes, I've never even been to the races!) and I really enjoyed being able to drive out there, as opposed to catching the train to the Darling Harbour show. 

On the way in we bumped into a few past HQ customers, which I always enjoy. They were taking their daughters to the show for the first time - so cute!

Inside the show I found the layout a little difficult. The stalls were split over two halls, and they didn't seem to have much order to them. It was also hard to find the classes or any little make 'n' takes.

But that didn't stop us. So many stall holders! Ribbon, lace, cross stitching, quilts, chipboard and doilies! Highlights for me were definitely the chipboard stall and all of the stalls using doilies and bunting.

This stall even used doilies IN their bunting!
Bunting is still really popular, and so is the eclectic vintage look that many people have embraced.

One activity that was happening throughout the day was a raffle where the winner go to go into a prize booth and grab as many prizes as they could. So we all grabbed tickets and waited for them to draw a winner.


It was the strangest 60 seconds I've ever had and it was so difficult to grab any of the vouchers without touching the sides. Jodie and Michelle (and probably everyone else) thought I was hilarious, grabbing at air and shoving vouchers down my top.

I came out with 5 pieces of paper - 2 were blank, one was for a free class at the show, one was for a jewellery making kit, and the other was for a quilt pattern of my choice.

We finished up the day by sitting in on a demo about how to revamp your old last seasons clothes into this seasons designs, just with a few easy sewing techniques. I mostly use my sewing machine for scrap pages, but it did give me ideas for possibilities.

A few photo ops later and we were out the door, happy that we had driven so we didn't have to carry our heavy bags home.

Can't wait for the next craft show!

Trace* xox

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